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hello hye assalamualaikum annyeong . i'm Norfatin Azliya binti Ahmad Razali . call me Fatin for short . do follow me and thanks for wasting your time here :) bye

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why i really love korean group
Sunday, 2 October 2011 | 22:05 | 0 panda

huhhhh . penat gile ari nie . aku pon mendap dok uma nie tanpe membuat ape2 aktiviti . hahaha . kelakar nye ayat aku nie . hehe . tgh bosan bosan nie tetibe lak terajin blokwalking kt blog someone . tetibe terbace blog someone "15 reasons why i love korean group" . then aku pon nk buat jgak la kn . tp ubah sikit je title tu . hehe

oke . why i really love korean group :

1. They have a fantastic voice
2. They are beautiful and handsome >.<
3. They have an awesome dancing skills . *sampai aku pon terikut menari sekali .
4. I love their style .
5. They are really really hot .
6. They always make me happy .
7. They have a good personality .
8. They have a sexy body . *itu la yg membuat kn aku cair
9. They have a good looking .
10. And idk how to say it because i really like them . thank you .

oke . that's all for today . i love you . muahhhhhhhhhh . 

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